31 January 2010


'The Time Traveler's Wife' by Audrey Niffenegger
January 27 - 29, 518 pages

This isn't the type of book I would normally read. I guess I wanted to have a go at something different.

It was alright. I'm not really into romantic stuff. There was a bit too much of 'I love you, always. Time is nothing.' And sex. Far out they were always having sex.

But it wasn't too bad. It was very easy and quick to read, except that you needed to concentrate on the date and ages of the characters noted at the beginning of each chapter in order to not be completely confused. I liked jumping around in time, trying to organise a timeline in my mind while I was reading.

I like the concept. It's a pretty good book, I would have preferred it less lovey-dovey, though.

Now I'm tossing up whether or not I should see the movie...


  1. in reply to your comment: thanks! and yeah i reaaaaaally want that camera. i've wanted a dslr for a while but now i'm like hmm maybe i should actually get one because i need a digi cam for that photog paper i'm taking ahaha.... and it seems silly to get a basic point and shoot, y'no? also, i want to be you. so.. yeah.. ahahhaa

    your post: flip yay! sweet drawing! yeah i think i may like the romancey stuff hahaha. i agree with the timeline thing, it's cool to try and figure it out.

    even though you haven't seen the movie, did you also imagine rachel mcadams and eric bana while you were reading? ahahaha

  2. Hey maybe you could get one duty free before, after or during your trip? That way you might not feel so bad. If you end up having to do it second semester.

    I definitely imagined Rachel McAdams... but Eric Bana I'm not too sure about. He just doesn't seem like Henry to me somehow. Maybe I'm just crazy.

    But yeah I'm glad I read it. Thanks for the recommend