07 January 2010


So it's the Thursday of week two and I feel the need for an update.

This week's book is 'Anna Karenin' (some translations call is 'Anna Karenina' but mine does not) by Tolstoy. It's long. It will require extreme effort to get through this book in a week but I am going to have an extra day this week so I decided that it was a good time to embark on a long one. 'How am I going to manage to get eight days out of a week?' I hear you question. Well, I'm flying to America on Saturday and not only will I have the fifteen hour plane ride to read, but I will also land on the same day that I left. Another consequence of this trip is that I will not be able to update this blog until I get back. Never fear, I will be drawing the books I read and writing about them.

I won't talk too much about how I'm finding the book right now; I'll save that for when I'm done. I will say that I am really enjoying it at the moment. Very interesting.

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  1. i miss you!
    hope you've finished anna karenin!