03 January 2010


'Wolf Hall' by Hilary Mantel
December 26 - 31, 650 pages

Very good. Reading 'A Man For All Seasons' last year helped - I would have been overwhelmed by the complexities of Tudor politics if I wasn't already familiar with the characters. They were very different, though - I like the way history can be reinterpreted through a different author's perspective. I also liked the way that Cromwell was so often just 'he', didn't need an introduction.

(Two books this week because I had already started 'Wolf Hall' so it didn't count as a whole book)

'Robinson Crusoe' by Daniel Defoe
January 1 - 2, 273 pages

My grandma gave this to me when I was about 10. I've been meaning to read it since. I loved Crusoe's ingenious ideas but disliked the killing.

I have begun. Exciting times. I really enjoyed 'Wolf Hall'. It was one of those books that I did not want to finish, but did not want to put down either! I love reading books about history, especially English history. 

'Robinson Crusoe' was also good. Like I said, I loved reading about all of Crusoe's ways to make his life more comfortable on the island. I would never have thought to do half the things he did. I was also surprised by how long he stayed there - twenty-eight years!


  1. i like this
    a whole lot
    heaps and heaps
    can't wait for the next 51!

  2. I did 'A man for all seasons' too! Loved it, even though I'm not really one to read plays. I have a great amout of respect for More, too bad he basically got owned :/