03 January 2010


I've decided I'm going to read one book every week this year. I love reading and I find myself going through stages where I barely read at all. Not cool. I recently read an article about a guy who read a book a week in 2009 and I was impressed. After much thought (I would hate to embark on something and not achieve it) I decided that this would be my New Year's Resolution for 2010. I'm a bit scared.

I am a goal-setter, though. I have been drawing one picture every day since the third of April 2009 and why not take up a new challenge this year?

After each week I will draw the book I have read in my red pocket Moleskine notebook diary with a Pilot G2 0.7mm gel pen and include a reflection on the book. I think that this is really important. As Edmund Burke once said, 'To read with reflecting is like eating without digesting.'

I really hope I can do this. I think I can.

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