07 February 2010


'Atonement' by Ian McEwan
February 1 - 7, 351 pages

I was away on camp Monday to Friday this week and between surfing and teaching year sevens how to camp I didn't have much time to read. When I did have a few minutes I found it hard to concentrate so when it got to Friday and I had only read twenty pages I was a little worried. It was going to be hard work getting through this in two days. But it wasn't. This book was pretty amazing. It kind of grips you and pulls you in. There's just so much depth; it can't help but affect you. I like the way the book never stands still, and yet you are not left behind. McEwan also shows appreciation for the magic of words - "Wasn't writing a kind of soaring, an achievable form of flight, of fancy, of the imagination?"

Good stuff. It was very interesting and I liked the way it was put together, the structure, the four parts of the book. I also liked how World War Two was portrayed; as something to survive and escape, rather than a means of defeating and injuring the other side.


  1. Best colour scheme. Read Catcher in the Rye. Loved. It.

    Gonna watch the movie then?

  2. Hehe I thought you might appreciate it. Thanks! Yeah how amazing is it Catcher?! I think I might go searching for some of his other books because they're supposed to be good too. Short stories I think mainly.

    I probably will see the movie. Have you seen it? Thoughts?