25 July 2010


'The Bronze Horseman' by Paullina Simons
July 20 - 25, 637 pages

I love reading about Russia. It fascinates me. I think I just find it so interesting that it is so different from the rest of the world. This novel most definitely confirmed that for me. Set in World War Two, I cannot imagine living the way those people did.

I enjoyed this book. Mostly its 'Russian-ness' I guess. And feeling like I was deep in the Soviet Union. It was a love story though. Which was nice. I did get over having to read about Tatiana and Alexander sleeping together for about 200 pages non-stop. I avoided reading it in public.

But it was good. Very interesting. I really want to go to Russia now. But maybe not in winter.


  1. It actually gets ridiculous towards the end how often the copulate. Still the best book in the series.

  2. When I exclaimed to Ness that they just wouldn't stop having sex she said to me, "Yes. I think that's why Hamish read them".
    And yeah, I actually don't think I can handle that much more. Might have to take a long break before reading the next ones.