28 February 2010


'Great Tales from English History' by Robert Lacey
February 22 - 27, 453 pages

I really enjoy reading about history, particularly European history and I decided it was time to get a big overview of English history. This book was perfect. It was very accessible, but also very comprehensive. It was always great to read about an event that I had vaguely heard of, and learn the full story.

I am trying to recall a favourite 'tale' but it is difficult. There are 154 stories, starting from 7150 BC to 1953 AD. The tales are diverse, from the Domesday Book, to the Triangular Trade, to JMW Turner. It really is a history of all things English.

I am always fascinated by British monarchy and after reading this I feel I have a much better understanding and knowledge of the English Kinds and Queens through history.

Well that was not very well written. And ended quite abruptly.  


  1. but the picture is pretty and you're cool
    so it's okay

  2. Oh you always know what to say hehe. I was a bit upset cos I wrote it in a rush, read it back and was like 'Oh. Well that sucks.' Haha