19 October 2010


'The Finkler Question' by Howard Jacobson
October 13 - 17, 307 pages

A special week needs a special book and, as it's the week of my birthday, I certainly needed to find a good book to read. Luckily, the Man Booker Prize for 2010 was announced on Tuesday. I always enjoy the winning novel, and so I rushed out to buy 'The Finkler Question' an hour after it was announced as the winner.

It didn't disappoint. It's the first comedy to win the prize and it definitely is funny. But it isn't shallow. It's profound and quite dark. It poses some interesting questions and really explores what it means to be Jewish, subject matter I haven't really encountered before.

Very good. now I must work my way through the shortlist.

'At a certain age men began to shrink, and yet it was precisely at that age that their trousers became too short for them. Explain that.'

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