24 May 2010


'Not Untrue & Not Unkind' by Ed O'Loughlin
May 20 - 23, 276 pages

Any book with an ampersand in its title scores automatic points with me for starters.

Punctuation aside (I do go on about it a lot, just reading the previous entry), I enjoyed this novel. It's a story that is well told. I liked how it didn't stay in one place. And it was intense when it needed to be and calm when it didn't. I felt like I was there with them - either when they were out in the field amidst the African wars, or having a smoke and telling jokes over whisky. Oh, to be a reporter.

I can't believe this is O'Loughlin's first novel. It is a fine work of fiction. A very interesting read. I want more.

This novel was written just as I imagine a reporter would write it. It was very good. I must admit that I was a bit over my head with the politics and wars in Africa, but I got the general gist.

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