20 March 2010


'A Clockwork Orange' by Anthony Burgess
March 15 - 20, 149 pages

'What's it going to be then, eh?' I like the way that each of the three parts of this novel begin with that line. I generally like things like that.

Anyway, moving along. What an interesting novel. I don't really know what to think, but it definitely made me think. It's an interesting question that Burgess asks, is it better to be bad at your free will, or to be forced to be good? It's a tricky one.

Although somewhat confusing at first, I enjoyed the 'nadsat' slang that Burgess created. It was very clever, especially the way that the reader can understand what Alex is saying, despite being unfamiliar with many of the words he uses. I think I might start using 'gulliver', 'vecks' and 'malenky'. 

Yeah. I'm glad I read this. It has got me thinking. And the slang is awesome.

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